About Laminated Glass

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated Glass or Lamisafe Glass also called double layer glass because is two pieces glass combine into a piece of glass.

Normally most of ours vehicle / car front windscreen are installed Laminated Glass on the front of a vehicle.

How do we verify our vehicle / car is laminated glass.

By looking on the side we can verify it. (you cannot see when a windscreen is installed on a vehicle / car)

Laminated Glass will show on bottom of the windscreen. The easy way is to look for the logo of your windscreen. Logo below normally will label out laminated glass or tempered glass. If tempered glass the logo will show Tempered or Temperlite.

What is the pros and cons of a laminated glass?

The pros of a laminated glass is when hit by stone it will still able to drive, the damage normally cause your windscreen appear a few crack lines only. The windscreen still visible even it cracks

The cons of laminated glass is very sharp when it is cracked, if some one knock on the car / vehicle windscreen hard it will cause serious wound. Because laminated windscreen is very sharp, a driver is advises always wear safety belt while driving a vehicle / car.

In addition, the cons of laminated glass is when a person fall into a river, ocean it is hard to get out the car / vehicle. If a person success to come out from front of the windscreen the person will have serious wound because of the laminated windscreen sharpness. Hard to break and escape even when the laminated windscreen damaged.

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