Windscreen Claim Guide

Private Car (Kereta Pensendirian)

1) IC dan Driving License
2) Cover Note or Insurance Policy
3) Vehicle Registration Card ( Geran Kereta )

Commercial Car (Kereta Syarikat)

1) IC dan Driving License (Driver)
2) Cover Note or Insurance Policy
3) Vehicle Registration Card ( Geran Kereta )
4) Business Registration(front pages only)
5) Company Chop

What is a windscreen insurance cover?

Windscreen insurance is an add-on coverage to your main car insurance policy. It covers your front and back windscreens, all door window and sunroof glass window. Windscreen insurance will cover the cost needed to repair or replace these glass parts in case they are damaged. Having this add-on cover, you do not need to pay for the repair or replacement cost yourself. This is useful not only because it is expensive to replace your windscreen, but also windscreens are the most susceptible part of your car to get damaged by flying objects.

However, this add-on cover is not available for all types of car insurances. It is only available when you purchase a comprehensive plan.

Read below to understand the 3 different types of car insurance plans.
Third party cover: Your insurance policy will pay for the damages you caused on others, such as damages to their cars or properties, their bodily injuries and death.
Third party, fire and theft: This is where your insurance policy covers not only everything that is covered by a third party policy, but also the cost of damages of your own vehicle due to fire and theft.
Comprehensive cover: This is the most comprehensive type of car insurance policy where it covers all of the above, as well as covers your losses and damages on your own vehicle due to an accident. The only type of car insurance plan that offers windscreen cover.

How can you get windscreen insurance for your car?

Whenever you renew your car insurance (remember, only comprehensive cover), let your agent know that you’d like to add this cover to your main policy. But don’t worry, your insurance agent will usually remind you if you forget. If you normally renew on your own via online or at the post office, just be sure to include this in.

However, this add-on cover does not necessarily be purchased when you are renewing your car policy. Instead it can be done anytime. So this would be a good time to check if your existing car policy has this add on cover. If it doesn’t, just inform your agent or call your insurance company.
To claim windscreen insurance you just need to bring along documents. See Top.

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