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Does windscreen insurance claim effected my vehicle NCD (No Claim Discount)?

Windscreen claim does not effect NCD if the insured's windscreen insurance covered.

How long i have to wait for my vehicle windscreen to be replaced?

Normally tooks only two to three hours to do the windscreen replacement.

What i have to concern after windscreen replacement or repair?

For repair nothing to concern.
For replacement, you have to avoid
3 days don't wash your car. (raining is ok)
3 days don't do tint film.
1 day drive slow
The tape have to remove tomorrow morning.

How long it take for windscreen repair?

For windscreen repair the process takes 1 hours.

What i have to do if i lost my insurance policy and want to do windscreen claim?

Insured's have to call insurance company request for your insurance policy.

Can my windscreen insurance claim with tint film as well?

Some insurance can, its depends what insurance company your vehicle insured. Some of insurance company windscreen and tint film cover seperately.

What documents i have to bring to do the windscreen claim?

1. NRIC (identity card) - (Passport - Foreigner)
2. Driving License (International driving license - Foreigner)
3. Insurance Policy or Insurance Cover Note
4. Vehicle Registration Card (Geran Kereta)

Can i claim my windscreen twice with same policy?

You can reinsured your vehicle windscreen if afraid of windscreen breakage.

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